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Into the Torn Mind of a Scarred Man

Like you really care...

Pawn# 0015972
27 July 1986
This world is full of hatred and wrongful desire. There are a few of us "people" that still believe in morals and integrity; however, we are the ones that are trampled on, stepped on, left for dead and not given a second thought. We do not "go with the flow" and we certainly do not "conform". We are original, unique, and sometimes too trusting. The only thing that anyone should really learn, is that anyone and everyone can stab your back with no second thought if it only means that they would get ahead one more slot in the list. They'll do it for position, money, spite, whatever drives them to do so. There are a small collection of "humans" that care and will stick by you in times of need. Treasure them, as they truely are pricless rarities with no value, for it is im-measerable.

"Misunderstood and judged, I press on with the strongest of all weapons, hope." - Me, 2004

"I'm surrounded by idiots, yet because I am not one of them, I am dubbed the idiot, while they think of themselves as the symbol of human intelligence. FOOLS!" - Me, 2005